These golf stations of a “different kind” invite you to experience nature in a playful way.

There are four hiking golf courses with 9 holes each in  LoferSt. MartinUnken and WeißbachAll holes are accessible with children’s buggies.

Most of the unique play stations have been converted into hiking golf holes from old agricultural equipment. The game is played with a wooden club and wooden balls. You can get your golf equipment (club, balls and game report) FREE from the following places:

The aim of the game is to get the ball from the tee to the hole in as few strokes as possible.

… and here are the rules:

  • Every stroke counts as one point.
  • At each hole the ball is to be played from the tee mark at the beginning of the game or if it has not cleared the obstacle at all or has not correctly cleared it.
  • If a player has not managed to get the ball in the hole after 6 strokes, 7 points are scored and the game continues at the next station.  
  • You can enter the number of points on the penultimate page of the game report.
  • The winner is the player with the lowest number of points.

All stations on each route are shown in the game report – so you can’t get lost on the way.

Here are our 4 courses:

St. Martin:
The shortest course, ca. 2.1 km long, is situated in St. Martin. It begins at the asphalt lane and then continues past an old mill wheel to the Kneipp facility – including cooling off – and via the village road back to the last station at the Gasthof Steinerwirt.

The course in the Naturpark community Weißbach is 2.8 km long and begins directly at the council offices. It continues to the Gasthof Seisenbergklamm and via the Klamm forecourt at the Seisenbergklamm to the play area next to the primary school. It returns to the starting point via a path across a field.  

The longest hiking golf course at 6.2 km long is in Lofer. From the starting point at the Hotel Dax you wander along the Saalach to Scheffsnoth and via the Wapoldweg to Au. You return to the starting point in lofer along an idyllic path through the Bairau Park.

The course in Unken is ca. 4 km long and leads you along the “Dorfrunde” (Village Circuit) through the hiking village Unken. Luxi the hiking lynx, the helpful hiking mascot, joins your group along the way. He provides you with interesting facts on information boards and points out particularly beautiful viewpoints. 

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