Mountain tours up to 2,500 metres

The Loferer Steinberge or ‘Stoaberg’, as they are called by the locals, are an absolute box seat for mountain enthusiasts. They are among the most magnificent rock formations in the Alps, but demand a great deal of physical fitness, as 1,200 to 1,900 metres of altitude have to be conquered to reach the summits. The highest peak on the Stoaberg is the Große Ochsenhorn at 2,513m.

The Schmidt-Zabierow Hut

Die Schmidt-Zabierow Hütte auf 1966m ist die einzige Schutzhütte in den Loferer Steinbergen. Man erreicht sie vom Loferer Hochtal aus in einer Gehzeit von ca. 3 Stunden. Der Pfad ist gut begehbar, Ausdauer sollte man aber mitbringen.

Mountain tours starting from the Schmidt-Zabierow Hütte

If you choose the Schmidt-Zabierow Hütte as your base camp, the surrounding mountain peaks can each be reached in about 2.5-3 hours walking time. For example, the Hinterhorn at 2,506 metres or the highest peak, the Ochsenhorn at 2,513 metres.

Via ferrata enthusiasts will find a via ferrata school five minutes’ walk below the hut to prepare for the Nackter Hund and Wilder Hund via ferrata routes. For ambitious climbers, the hut wall, the east face of the Breithorn, is a popular stomping ground.

The most popular “Stoaberg” tours …

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