The energy of nature

Regina Krimbacher and her Energy Space “Zum Einklang” in Unken

There are places which radiate a very special type of energy. We humans have always been drawn to them, often without knowing exactly why. One of these places is the Energy Space “Zum Einklang” in Unken. Surrounded by high trees and situated in an idyllic, secluded clearing,  this is one of the most powerful energy places in the world.  

What are people hoping to find at a place like this? How do you know exactly about the energy and do you have to believe in it for it to have an effect? These are questions that you automatically ask when you are confronted with something that you don’t know and find difficult to grasp. What is energy? And how do you feel it? We received answers to these and many other questions from Regina Krimbacher during a chat on a bench in the sun at the energy space. Together with her husband, a few assistants and with the help of her son, she runs the space and accompanies visitors from far and wide who are coping with difficult life phases

Regina, what are people looking for at an energy space?
The people who come to us are looking for peace, strength, re-centering and reorientation of their lives. You need this from time to time, especially in our fast-paced and intensive times.

And what do they find?
With us you will find exactly that. Due to the location of our energy place in the middle of the forest, surrounded by dense trees, you can relax very quickly here. Just sit down and take a deep breath and the place begins to work with its healing vibrations. Due to the strong energy on site, the body also reacts very well and quickly. The force that can be felt with us is the natural energy. In addition to other positive effects, this primarily activates our very own self-healing powers. You come to rest, your head is cleared and with multiple visits even the pain disappears.

Tell us a little bit about the Energy Space “Zum Einklang“.
The place is very natural and we mainly worked in wood and stone. You can calm down quickly on the comfortable benches and feel the power of the middle Earth. In the centre there are several of these benches, each of which has a different effect on the body. The power is very intense and people remain sitting for around 20 minutes. The benches outside the centre are meant for resting and enjoyment.

Then we have a fire pit for fire ceremonies and fire rituals. People can use rakes in our Zen garden to design new (life) paths – a wonderful way to clear your mind. In the teepee there is another fire pit. The shamans who visit us regularly like to work in here. And we also have a heart place with a family heart where you can carry out small rituals under guidance. In our large seminar room we offer workshops, seminars, as well as individual treatments and meditations.

In general, the space is open all year round and is operated and maintained by us from May to October. But you can also visit in winter as well, of course.  

Let’s talk briefly about the beginnings. Do you create a place like this, or does it always exist?
The square has always existed and there has been a clearing in the forest for a long time, which strangely enough has never been cleared. Because that has been my family’s reason for a long time, I spent a lot of time there. I also believe that my father knew intuitively earlier that the place was special.

Let’s talk a little about the beginnings. Do you create a place like this or has it always been here?
This place has always been here and there was a clearing in the forest for a very long time, which was never dug up, strangely. Because this piece of land has been in my family for a long time, I spent a lot of time there. I also believe that my father intuitively knew early on that this place was special.

What made you decide to build and run the energy space in 2007?
Due to special circumstances in the family, I began to deal with energy work. With some luck, I got to know the right people so I was able to delve deeper into the subject matter. One of these was a doctor from Munich, who  set up an appointment for me with Dr.Karl-Heinz Kerll, who deals with the measurement of energy at special places all over the world. Even on our first route it was clear that our clearing is a very energetic place. After that, a geomagnetometer was used to make precise measurements, which gave us the scientific proof that our energy space is one of the strongest measured places in the world. After that, we laid out the garden, I  did a lot of training courses and the rest, as they say, is history.

At what points in their lives do people come to you?
Mainly when there are problems and people don’t know what to do any more. When you know that it can’t go on like this any longer then you seek help. And they find it here with us. There are also people who are curious and that’s why they come to us. A lot happens by word of mouth and we are delighted about that because it’s not easy to explain energy. It helps if someone who knows us tells others about their experience and brings people they know with them to Unken.

As well as that, a lot of large companies send their managers to us. If you have an intense, stressful everyday life, it does you good now and then to be at peace and be in the natural world.

Do you have to believe in the energy space for it to work?

From experiences and stories, I can tell you that you don’t have to believe in it – it still works well.

+43 664 156 95 39

Open from the beginning of May to the end of October
10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
closed on Mondays

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