Top Spot Schusterbichl

The Panoramic Top Spot in Weißbach

You don’t always have to hike far into the mountains to reach the most beautiful places.  At least in the Salzburger Saalachtal, this isn’t so rare. The Top Spot Schusterbichl is situated only 100 metres above Weißbach and enthuses its visitors with its magical view. Sit down – take  deep breath and enjoy the panorama – this is the motto. No matter whether you want to come down a bit after an exciting walk through the Seisenbergklamm; have spent a few pleasant hours in the Naturpark Weißbach or just want to take a break on the “Golden Branch Circuit“ on the way from Wildental to St. Martin – everyone who has ever sat down in one of the wooden armchairs and put their feet up, is well aware of the special and relaxing energy of this place. The chairs represent a leaf which encloses the whole body. You feel the light wind on your skin, listen to the twittering of birds and the whispering of the forest.

Convenient Access to a Magnificent Panorama

The Schusterbichl can be reached in many different ways. From the centre of Weißbach, which can be conveniently reached by bus number 260 (bus stop: Weißbach Gemeindeamt), it only takes 30 minutes at a leisurely pace to reach the Top Spot. By bike, e-bike or your own car, take the B311 to Weißbach first and then drive up the few metres on the Hirschbichl Landesstraße L110. As the Top Spot is located on a small hill above the village, it is easy to find and also easy to drive to directly by car.

These tours take you to the Schusterbichl top spot …

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