Top Spot Tiroler Steig

The panoramic Top Spot high above St. Martin

Halfway to the pilgrimage church Maria Kirchental, in a truly special place in the middle of the forest, lies the box seat Tiroler Steig. This place lives up to its name. Like in a theatre box, you can sit here on a specially built platform and watch the spectacle down in the valley. The wide valley floor with the tranquil village of St. Martin opens up before you. Let your gaze roam over the surrounding meadows and mountains and enjoy the pleasant coolness and the unmistakable smell of the forest around you. A wonderful place to get away from it all and find some peace.

How you get to the Top Spot Tiroler Steig?

You can reach the Logenplatz via the Tiroler Steig, a small winding forest path that starts at Gasthof Hochmoos. The bus stop of bus line 260 “Grubhof” is about 10 minutes away from the starting point. At the inn you will also find bike parking if you prefer to arrive by bike. In an approx. 1-hour hike, the path leads you from here to the pilgrimage site Maria Kirchental. The tour is also part of hiking with kids. Do not miss to visit the church and the historical inn. The Logenplatz is located about halfway up the trail and is a wonderful place to take a relaxing break during the ascent. Put your feet up, switch off and enjoy.

This tour takes you to the Tiroler Steig top spot …

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