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Where snow-covered peaks shine brightly in the light of the winter sun; where laughing children learn their first turns on skis, where snowboarders carve across wide pistes and winter sportsmen and women find their own personal paradise in the mountains – there lies the Salzburger Saalachtal. A gem of alpine joie de vivre amidst unspoiled, pristine nature with genuine, deep-rooted people who love their homeland and warmly welcome guests.  Salzburger Saalachtal is a place where lovers simply forget the time on a walk through the snow or a horse-drawn sleigh ride; families hit the ski areas together, ski tourers celebrate well-deserved victories over the peaks and people in their prime can rediscover their love for skiing.  



Ski Touring and Cross-Country Skiing

For those who would love to experience the Salzburger mountains from a completely different perspective and find happiness and balance in the open country; the Salzburger Saalachtal has much to offer in the way of ski tours up to the summits. Should the ascent be steep and the way long and arduous – the panoramic views from the Sonntagshorn in Unken, the Skihörndl in Lofer, the Kammerlinghorn in the Naturpark Weißbach or the other ski touring destinations, will blow away all stresses and strains in an instant. This feeling is worth the effort every single time. And after all this, the descent awaits!


For those, for whom the journey is the reward and who can completely switch-off when cross-country skiing, the Salzburger Saalachtal is also the perfect place. You can glide along a total of 80 km trails – classic or skating. The reliable snow on the high-trails in the Almenwelt Lofer and in Heutal, mean that this cross-country skiing region counts as one of the most popular far and wide.


Experience, Explore, Discover

Whether you want to discover skiing as a family; explore lonely peaks on touring skis or simply enjoy the winter in the Salzburger mountains in all its glory; the Salzburger Saalachtal and its people deliver holidays which are what they really should be: the best days of the year. 



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