My First Ski Course

The first time on skis; daring to make the first cautious turns on the piste and making new friends without Mum and Dad: the first ski course is an exciting experience for children. Often the passion for mountains in general and especially for skiing is aroused during these days. Six-year old Marie tells us with sparkling eyes about her first ski course in the Salzburger Saalachtal.  

“We’re going on holiday, we’re going on holiday…!“, I can’t sit quietly in the car any longer, so I sing as loudly as I can. Mum and Dad laugh and sing along. And it really is true, we are going on holiday and not just any old holiday – this time it is something really special. We’re going on a skiing holiday! And I’m allowed to do a ski course alone because I’m big enough now. I’m so excited! I wonder what the other children on the ski course will be like? Hopefully there will be lots of nice girls and not so many daft boys who only want to do silly things. Maybe I’ll find a new friend?

The snow sparkles like in a fairy tale

Dad says that we are going to a perfect family ski area and I’ve remembered the name: the Salzburger Saalachtal. I don’t need to be frightened about riding the lifts there because there is magic carpet, says Dad. It is like an escalator but without steps. There are also childproof chairlifts where nothing can happen to me. Mum says we are just driving over the border and are nearly there. I believe her because the mountains are now getting bigger and bigger. It is already dark and I look out of the car window. The lights from the lanterns sparkle beautifully in so much snow! Everything looks a bit like in a fairy tale which Mum always reads to me.

A pink guardian angel for my head

After breakfast it is finally time: I go to the ski school with Mum and Dad. At the entrance to the ski school I am greeted straightaway by a ski instructor. She is called Lisa. After a “high five“ greeting (cool, huh?) she takes me to try out ski boots – I don’t need poles yet, she says. It doesn’t matter as long as I get skis. A girl with brown hair is already sitting on the bench and she is the same size as me. She has her ski boots on already. Lisa says that we are in the group together and that she is called Ella. Ella looks to me and asks if I can’t ski yet either. Of course, I say no, because that’s the truth. She says we can fall down together. Ella is really nice. I think she will be my friend. But now for the ski boots: the first time I slip into the boots it feels a bit funny. Ella says I walk a bit like a robot. I find this very funny. We both pretend to be little ski robots and laugh a lot. Then Lisa shows us our skis. I think mine are really nice! And finally Lisa gives me a pink helmet. The helmet is very important, says Lisa. It protects our head – like a guardian angel.

We float up to the Almenwelt Lofer in the gondola

It’s time to go! I almost forget to say “bye“ to Mum and Dad. Together with Lisa, Ella and the other children on the ski course, we ride with the gondola up to the Almenwelt Lofer. The gondola swings gently and up here everything seems so small even Mum and Dad who are standing down below and waving. When we get to the top, Lisa helps us to put our skis on. That’s not so difficult. Maybe it’s because Lisa is helping us.

Making turns, stopping and riding a magic carpet

I’m taking my first steps on the piste. That’s not too hard. The difficult part is coming now: we have to ski down for the first time. Lisa shows us that we have to put our hands on our knees and make a pizza slice with the skis. Yes, really, that’s what it’s called. It’s not easy to do all of that at the same time. After a few exercises without skiing down, we have to line up one behind the other and Lisa waits for us further down. I’d really like to hold Ella’s hand and ski together but Lisa already told us that it is even more difficult. My heart is beating so loudly that I can hear it in my head. Now it’s my turn. I start off and make my first turn. And it really works. I’ve made a turn without falling over! But stopping is unfortunately more difficult than making turns and Lisa catches me. But I’m not the only one. So we do this until we come to the magic carpet. Dad was right – the magic carpet is like a flat escalator which you just have to stand on it. One time I almost miss getting off because you have to watch carefully and be quick. If riding on the lift is as much fun as the magic carpet I’m really looking forward to it!

Skiing with Bobo and Lofino

Later, when we can do everything a bit better, we play a couple of games. One time Lisa skis in front of us and waggles her arms – like a bird before it flies away. We all copy this and laugh a lot because it looks so funny. Then Bobo and Lofino come and practise with us! Bobo is a penguin and Lofino is a small, green dragon. Both live in the Almenwelt Lofer, says Lisa. At the end we get to ride on Lofino’s magic train and Lofino rides along with us! He nearly doesn’t fit in because he is so fat.

The first day is over

While we are eating in the evening, Mum and Dad ask how the ski course was. At first I don’t know where to begin because I did so many things! I tell them everything we learned and that Ella is really nice and that I also want to be a ski instructor. Then I can stay here all winter and go skiing. I’m looking forward to tomorrow already!

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