Naturpark Weißbach


Natural history rarities such as the Lady’s Slipper, Turk’s Cap Lily or the Apollo Mountain butterfly demonstrate the interplay between the intact nature of the Seisenbergklamm and the traditional cultivated landscape. Nestled in the Salzburger limestone Alps, the Naturpark Weißbach and the Berchtesgaden National Park form a natural habitat which can be explored via an extensive hiking and cycling trail network or with the AlmErlebnisBus and the Almwandertaxi.

There is hardly any landscape zone which exhibits as many natural rarities in a relatively small area as the Naturpark Weißbach in the Salzburger Saalachtal. Rare plants, such as the Lady’s Slipper, Arnica or Turk’s Cap Lily, blossom on the traditionally cultivated alms and the diverse mountain meadows. The Apollo butterfly, serious endangered in Europe, flies over the flowering pastures; in the dense mixed mountain forests, deer find sufficient living space and in the Seisenbergklamm the deafening, raging, high-alpine water reigns supreme. All of this can be experienced on the well-developed hiking and themed trails and from rustic huts or romantic benches with a view.  Guests with  mountain or e-mountain bikes are also very welcome here, as one of the goals of all the Austrian natural parks (there are 48 in total) is to achieve equality of nature conservation, relaxation, education and regional development.  Across the board, the natural parks have dedicated themselves to preserving protected landscapes by considerate land usage and rural conservation.  

Facts and Figures about the Naturpark Weißbach

  • Two communities: Weißbach and St. Martin
  • Size of the Naturpark Weißbach: 28 km2
  • Number of Farms: 21
  • 6 alps
  • 54 alpine huts
  • 666 – 2.634 m altitude
  • Year of the Naturpark establishment: 2007
  • snack stations
  • 5 adventure trails

Without the car into the Naturpark Weißbach

Adventure Path in the Naturpark Weißbach

In the film “Border Crossers” you get an impression of the Naturpark Weißbach in the philosophical footsteps of Thoreau.

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