River Info Saalach



Here you will find  an overview of the course of the Saalach, the individual sections and their features.



River Sections

Ⓐ Upper Saalach
8 km WW I-II, ❶ Klettergarten - ❸  Kieswerk
The upper Saalach is the easiest section of the Saalach. It is ideal for beginners and navigable for almost the whole year.


Ⓑ St. Martin Gorge
2 km WW III+, ❸  Kieswerk – ❹ Wildentalbrücke

The Saalach becomes more challenging. The key passage is the ”Corkscrew”  just after the power plant house, which can easily reach the fourth grade. Attention: due to the weir system at the gravel works, the water level is usually very low. Embarkation of the boat is therefore sensible directly above the corkscrew. After the short gorge, a weir follows with a boat slide. INSPECT IN ADVANCE. There is a possibily to carry the boat on the left bank.

Ⓒ Middle Saalach
3 km WW II, ❹ Wildentalbrücke – ❻  Hubertussteg
This moderately difficult route passes Camping Grubhof. At the end of this section, the Strubbach flows left into the Saalach.

Ⓓ WC-Slalom Course
0,5 km WW III-IV, ❻ Hubertussteg – ❼ Teufelssteg

The World Championship slalom course offers great eddies and can be ridden along different lines. Get out at the finish curve or the Teufelssteg (Devil's Bridge).

Ⓔ Devil's Gorge
2,5 km WW V+, ❼  Teufelssteg – ❽ Au

Very demanding. The difficulty grading changes depending on the water level, from WW V to unrideable. The Devil's Gorge should only be used by experienced kayakers. There are lots of steps and cataracts. It is absolutely essential to inspect the course beforehand and please pay attention to dangerous undertows and danger points.


Ⓕ Lower Saalach

15 km WW I-III, ❽ Au – ❶❷  Fronau
Over the first two kilometres to Au, the Saalach gains momentum over inclines and blockages. After this it becomes ever calmer up to the exit point.



Exciting Tributary Streams


6 km WW III-IV, Bridge over the Lofer state road to the confluence. Wonderful overture to the Saalach but is also a great pleasure in itself. Good opportunity to warm up until the first weir (be careful!). After this, the Loferbach increases to a lively staccato with significant inclines which require rapid reactions. Attention – danger due to tree obstacles! Exit at either the small power plant at the entrance to the village of Lofer or continue paddling to the confluence (two weirs in the village).



Safety instructions

  • The Saalach can be used all year round with hard shell boats (eg. canoe, kayak, canadian). Please use the official entry and exit points.

  • The navigation of the Saalach with inflatable rowing vessels is prohibited.

  • Navigation signs must be observed (such as the general ban at power plants).



The use of all sections of the river is at your own risk.
The difficulty levels refer to the mean water level.


You can find the current water levels here:

Water level measurement

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