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Strenuous or leisurely, a quick tour or an extended excursion with a refreshment stop at a hut – the Salzburger Saalachtal is an eldorado for e-bikers! The “Bike Specialists“ also make the hearts of (leisure) cyclists beat faster. Come on a tour in the heart of Pinzgau – with a tailwind!   Cycling is healthy! It exercises your cardiovascular system and improves stamina, strengthens your muscles and therefore protects your joints. Good enough reasons alone to jump into the saddle again and start pedaling hard. We discover just how beneficial cycling actually is on our excursion to the Salzburger Saalachtal. Here there are a total of 720 km perfectly maintained and marked mountain bike routes; the entire cycling trail network around Unken, Lofer, St. Martin and Weißbach covers 1200 km. We are particularly impressed by the offer of the “Bike Specialists“.  

The “Bike Specialists“: the perfect carefree package

The Bike Specialists are like the fairy godmothers of e-bikers. These are selected accommodation providers in the Salzburger Saalachtal who are experienced bikers themselves and understand the wishes and needs of cycling holidaymakers. All Bike Specialists fulfill a range of criteria specially designed for the requirements of e-mountain bikers and mountain bikers.  

We can confidently leave our old bikes at home and hire top modern e-bikes from the Bike Specialists or selected shops. Charging stations are spread out across the entire region so you can be sure that there is a “pit stop“ close by at any time – a perfect carefree package for bikers in the Salzburger Saalachtal

He who seeks shall find: all tours in the digital tour portal

We compare various possibilities in the  Tour Portal. Here there are easy, medium or difficult tours. We find the two fair-play trails in the Salzburger Saalachtal great. The special thing about this is that on these tours, such as the Wetterkreuz trail on an alm track, bikers as well as hikers are treated equally. Thanks to the clear presentation and the selection options in the tour portal – the length and duration of the trail and the ascent/descent are stated – we are able to quickly find something suitable. Then off we go to the mountains with a tailwind!

Need to cool off? Wild bathing – the crowning glory

Out of your biking shorts and into your swimming shorts! What could be better than taking a refreshing bath in the great outdoors after a bike tour? Or to put it another way: in wild nature. In the Salzburger Saalachtal we have a unique opportunity to indulge in wild bathing at marked spots. Take your sweaty clothes off straightaway, dip the toes

into the cool water and then dare to jump into the refreshing torrents. Wonderful! There are many opportunities here – whether it is one of the picturesque coves along the Saalach, below the imposing waterfalls on the Waterfall Trail up to the Almenwelt Lofer or in a crystal-clear mountain lake. And when your skin starts to prickle and joy bubbles over like the water itself, your bike day in the Salzburger Saalachtal comes to a sparkling end.

Tip from the Bike Specialist: Regine Färbinger, manager of the Familien- und Vitalhotels Mühlpointhof, told us about her favourite tour – including refreshment stop!

Dear Regine, what is your current favourite tour for a relaxing morning? The circuit from Lofer up to the Kechtalm. The route is 25 km long and you cover 1050 m of altitude. There are a few very beautiful viewpoints where you can rest for a short time. And the Kechtalm is ideal for a snack or refreshments – you have a magnificent panoramic view there over the Almenwelt Lofer.   Can you briefly describe the route for us? We start in Lofer and ride in the direction of the chapel in Au, then via the Lenzen farm to Reith and via the Liedersberg to the Top Spot Unkenberger Mähder in the Almenwelt Lofer. Here you can take your first break. The wooden seats made by the local artist Martin Leitinger invite you to relax. You can enjoy the peace up here. The trail continues up to the Almenwelt Lofer. At the Schwarzeck lift there is a new viewing tower – a short break here is also really rewarding. Then it’s on to the Kechtalm. Here we take a longer break and enjoy the great, down-to-earth home cooking from the landlords Hannelore and Günther Flatscher. And the view from the big terrace is simply breathtaking! The Almenwelt Lofer, the Steinberge, Unken and in good weather even the city of Salzburg – up here all of this is in sight. Refreshed we return to the valley to Lofer via the Loferer Alm road, Loderbichl and Faistau.

In your opinion who is this tour suitable for? The tour to the Top Spot Unkenberger Mähder and on to the Kechtalm is achievable for bikers of average fitness. It is a more leisurely tour with wonderful viewpoints which the older generation will certainly enjoy.

The Bike Specialists in the REGION:

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