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Experience and Feel White Water 

Action on the Saalach in Salzburger Land

Sometimes thrillingly wild, sometimes reassuringly still – the contrary nature of the element of water can be experienced here in the Salzburger Saalachtal. Wild spray and raging waves when canyoning, kayaking or rafting provide a real adrenaline kick. A silent sojourn next to a fathomless mountain lake or a historic dam on a relaxing stroll gives a hint of the water-rich history of the area.


The Saalach is the element which links the villages of Unken, Lofer, St. Martin and Weißbach. The emerald green river is sometimes turbulent, as in the mystical Teufel's Gorge in Lofer where kayakers and canoeists hold competitions every year: sometimes the river reveals its gentle side in its peaceful upper reaches, where families experience unforgettable rafting adventures. Stand-up-Paddlers also let the current of the Saalach guide them through the foaming waves on their river tours.


Anyone who laces up their hiking boots or hops into the saddle of mountain bike will find countless bubbling springs to quench their thirst between the craggy rock walls of the Steinberge, in the Naturpark Weißbach and among the rolling hills of the Loferer Alm. There are calm mountain lakes to replenish strength, mysterious gorges to discover and crystal-clear streams in which to cool off.  An excursion by e-mountain bike to the  Dießbach Reservoir is a true natural pleasure. The lake appears to have been here for ever but was actually man-made to provide water for electricity.


The Muckklause in Unken is witness to a time where man made use of the power of water in the Salzburger Saalachtal.  The lumberjacks washed wood down from the Unken forests to the valley and the Saalach via the 'klause', a sort of dam.  The Saalach reliably transported the wood to the saltworks in Bad Reichenhall, where it was desperately needed for the fires for the brewhouses. The days of the wood drift have long since passed but the lovingly restored Muckklause still acts as a witness to the dangerous work of the lumberjacks and nowadays is a very popular destination for an outing.

The author and comedian Karl Valentin was of the opinion, “I am happy when it rains for if I'm not happy, it rains anyway.“ On a rain walk from Lofer to St. Martin along the Saalach, one discovers the beauty of the landscape of the Salzburger Saalachtal, despite dense clouds and quiet raindrops.  If the horizon is hidden from view, the gaze turns to the tiny details up close. A mysterious outlook from the Teufelssteg, a misty atmosphere on the moor, raging water in the Strohwollner Gorge – a stroll in the rain is never boring.  


Adventures in the white water of the Salzburger Saalachtal are certainly not for bores. The participants mustn't be afraid of water either if they want to negotiate deep gorges when canyoning; dare a rodeo ride through rapids in a kayak or surf over furious waves on a raft. One thing is guaranteed though – anyone who dares to brave the furious floods will be rewarded with unforgettable experiences and a huge injection of adrenaline.


Water entices explorers and adventurers, big and small, to the Salzburger Saalachtal. The abundance of water in this region provides for all kinds of wet adventures – sometimes still, sometimes wild, sometimes educational, sometimes indulgent and sometimes even a little daunting.




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